Image via Alex Berrios/Mi Vecino website
Cuban-Puerto Rican Political Organizer Alex Berrios Wants to Lead and Transform the Florida Democratic Party

After seeing Florida Democrats lose every statewide election in November, the candidate for chairperson wants to get the party back to basics and reconnecting with working class people. 

Florida - Session - Disney
Florida Lawmakers Meet to Decide Fate of Disney and Legalize DeSantis’ Trafficking of Migrants

The session's focus is on social issues including sexual orientation, gender, and immigration as the Republican governor exploits national political fissures on his path to a potential 2024 presidential run.

Image via Thomas Kennedy Twitter
Gov. DeSantis Favors ‘Friendly’ Journalists. Here’s What Happens to a Reporter Who Holds Him Accountable.

An independent journalist is among several Florida reporters raising red flags over what they call DeSantis’ ban of members of the press that express opposing views. 

Chasity Maynard/Tallahassee Democrat via AP
Prosecutor Suspended by DeSantis Loses Bid to Get Job Back

Former elected prosecutor Andrew Warren argued that he was suspended over his personal political positions on abortion and transgender issues.

Berrios - Democratic - Florida
Alex Berrios to Run for Florida Democratic Chair

The organizer said his on-the-ground experience would deliver important change to the state’s political party. He thinks Latinos in Florida are tired of seeing candidates that don't look or sound like them.

Puerto Rico - Congress - Donations
Puerto Rican Residents’ Donations to US Politicians on the Rise

Recent election donations surpassed those made in 2018 by almost $2 million. Congress members involved in decision-making related to issues that affect Puerto Rico received the most donations.

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Miami-Dade Voters Say ‘No’ to DeSantis ‘Permitless Carry’ Proposal, New Poll Shows

Over 77% say gun violence is more important than inflation, immigration, or abortion. A majority of Republicans, DeSantis voters, and gun owners also oppose the governor's proposal.