Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - Demings - Soto
Democratic Rep. Val Demings Calls for Rapid Rebuilding in Puerto Rico

Demings, the Democratic candidate for Florida's federal Senate seat, joined a congressional delegation to PR this weekend.

Puerto Rico - Hurricane - Fiona
Biden Issues a Major Disaster Declaration for Puerto Rico, Allowing Federal Dollars to Flow In

The president’s action will make federal funding available to affected individuals in 55 municipalities.

Puerto Rico - Hurricane Fiona - Biden
Biden Called Pierluisi to Reiterate Support for Puerto Rico After Fiona

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi will officially submit the major disaster declaration request to President Biden, after seeing the damages several municipalities have suffered.

Tony Toyan - Florida - Hurricane Maria
Tony Toyán: A New Life After Hurricane María

The Puerto Rican musician reflects on the changes he and his family have lived through after they decided to move to Florida when the Category 5 hurricane destroyed the island.

Image via AP/Stephanie Rojas
Hurricane Fiona Rips Through Powerless Puerto Rico

Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico's southwest coast on Sunday as it unleashed landslides, knocked the power grid out, and ripped up asphalt from roads. The damages are "catastrophic,” said the governor.

Puerto Rico - Union - Workers
Puerto Rican VA Hospital Workers Unionize and Demand Labor Justice

More than 100 workers who provide cleaning services to the island's veteran hospitals have organized to demand protection from mistreatment and better working conditions.

Puerto Rico - Luma - Protest
Puerto Ricans Return to Calle de la Resistencia to Protest LUMA

Persistent power outages and threats from Puerto Rico’s government prompted the company to announce that it would dedicate more resources and crews to improve service.