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You Can ‘Adopt a Coquí’ to Keep Puerto Rico Beautiful—and Protected

Two organizations have teamed up to protect the endemic frog species, which is at risk due to loss of habitat and climate change.

Puerto Ricans in STEM Show Why the Arecibo Observatory Is So Important for Them and the World

Junellie González and Wilbert Ruperto, who were impacted by the radio telescope which collapsed on Dec. 1, highlight its importance for the scientific world and the future representation of Latinos in science.

Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory Has Collapsed

The second-largest radio telescope in the world had been operating for more than half a century.

Puerto Rico-Arecibo-Telescope
Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico Officially Closes. It’s a Massive Blow to Science.

The National Science Foundation said it’s too dangerous to keep operating the single dish radio telescope given the significant damage it recently sustained.

Puerto Rico - Troubled Telescope
World-Renowned Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico Is on the Brink of Collapse

More than 250 scientists around the world were using the telescope.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky.
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