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Florida Republicans Move to Protect Confederate Monuments

State Republican lawmakers are pushing forward legislation that would protect Confederate and other monuments and memorials.

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Author of Book Criticizing “Woke” Culture Can’t Define What It Means

The word weaponized by Gov. DeSantis has been used as a slur by former President Donald Trump and several Trump-backed midterm candidates like Kari Lake. But some conservatives have a hard time explaining it.

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5 Republican-Backed Bills that You Need to Watch

In the onslaught of bills that many call “dangerous,” some proposed legislation may have flown under the radar, but if passed, these laws will have an impact on Floridians.

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DeSantis’ War on ‘Woke’ and Extreme Restrictions on Education Could Backfire, Survey Suggests

Despite growing ultra conservative Republicans' attempts at demonizing the term, a majority of Americans see "woke" in a positive light, and that could have a decisive impact at the ballot box next year.

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‘Worse Than Trump’: Rep. Maxwell Frost Speaks Out About Ron DeSantis in a One-on-One Interview

At the start of Florida’s Legislative session, Florida's outspoken Generation Z representative talks about the governor's abuse of power and why he will continue calling DeSantis "a fascist."

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Nikki Fried Makes Her Pitch for FL Dem Chair: ‘I Am a Bulldog. I Will Fight for the People of Our State.’

As she continues to call Gov. DeSantis "a dictator and a zealot," the former Agriculture Commissioner runs with plans to revitalize the party and fight for the state's future.

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DeSantis’ War on Equality Continues as His Administration Rejects Proposal for AP African American Studies Class

The course was launched this academic year in 60 schools across the country and is set to expand to hundreds of high schools before all schools can begin offering it in 2024-25.