Primary Partially Suspended: Here’s What We Know About the Chaotic Situation at the Polls in PR

No ballots, a partially suspended primary, and a call for the president of the elections commission to resign amid chaos in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Earthquake
Here’s What We Know About The 5.5 Earthquake That Struck Southern Puerto Rico

A strong earthquake woke up Puerto Rico, Saturday morning. The epicenter of these tremors continues to be the south region of the island.

Serena and Layla-Transgender Women Killed in PR
FBI Takes Over Investigation Into Brutal Murders of Serena and Layla in Puerto Rico

With two suspects arrested the FBI claims jurisdiction in this case with enough evidence to categorize it as a hate crime.

Image via AP Photo/Carlos Giusti
They Had a Quick Reaction to COVID-19. But Recent Missteps Could Result in More Cases Than We Know.

It was one of the first jurisdictions to apply a total lockdown, but allegations of corruption and low testing rates might result in a sudden spike on the death toll reported by the government.