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Poll Shows Majority of Floridians Support Abortion Rights and Gun Safety Bill

Despite Gov. Ron DeSantis’ promise to expand abortion restrictions, most Floridians oppose banning abortion.

Biden Signs Executive Order to Defend Abortion Rights

“Extreme Republican governors, extreme Republican state legislatures, and Republican extremists in the Congress overall — all of them have not only fought to take away the right — our rights — but they’re now determined to go as far as they can,” Biden said.

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Florida’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Reinstated After Appeal 

A Florida judge ordered temporarily halting the law after reproductive health providers argued that the state constitution guarantees the right to the procedure.

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Judge to Temporarily Block Florida’s 15-Week Abortion Ban

The decision followed a court challenge by reproductive health providers. It is expected that the state will fight the ruling.

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Abortion Is Still Legal in Florida, but Access Is Limited

The new 15-week ban, a limited number of provider clinics, and the high cost of the procedure limit access to abortions in post-Roe Florida, especially for low-income women.

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DeSantis Will Expand Florida’s Restrictions on Abortion Access

Last April, the governor took the first step to restrict abortion in the state by signing a 15-week abortion ban.

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Florida Judge to Hear Arguments on State’s New Abortion Law That Could Start on Friday

The measure prohibits abortions beyond 15 weeks and has been challenged by two lawsuits.