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Why It Could Be Harder for Floridians to Rebuild After Hurricane Idalia

As Floridians braced Wednesday for Hurricane Idalia’s landfall, insurers kept an anxious eye on the Category 3 storm that could result in claims for billions of dollars in damages. 

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Hurricane Idalia Causes Catastrophic Damage and Flooding Along Florida’s Gulf Coast

Hurricane Idalia flooded low-lying areas around Tampa Bay before heading north and slamming into the Big Bend.   Hurricane Idalia made landfall Wednesday morning on Florida’s west coast, where it unleashed life-threatening storm surges and rainfall across an area that has never before received such pummeling. More than 242,000 customers were without electricity as trees...

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Are You Ready for a Hurricane? Here’s What You Need to Do.

As the old saying goes, “mejor prevenir que lamentar,” and with hurricanes that couldn’t be any closer to the truth. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, you should prepare, regardless of whether you plan to evacuate or ride out the storm in your home.

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It’s Hurricane Season. Here’s Your Emergency Kit Checklist.

Don’t wait until a hurricane is headed your way to assemble your emergency kit; otherwise you may not be able to acquire everything you need. Use this checklist to get started now. When a hurricane is approaching your area, you need to follow local evacuation mandates and recommendations to keep you and others safe. However,...

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Here Are the 5 Most Vulnerable Florida Counties This Hurricane Season

Two of the state's counties are the most vulnerable areas to hurricanes in the nation.

8 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Hurricanes

Do you put tape on your windows before a hurricane or worry more about the wind than the water? If so, you’re not alone! Those are just a a couple of the most common myths about hurricanes. Puerto Ricans in Florida are no strangers to hurricanes, but even among seasoned storm survivors, misconceptions are widespread....