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Nearly 50 Teachers Plan To Resign in Hernando County Amid Attacks on Public Education

Dozens of Florida teachers are reportedly resigning from Hernando County Schools due to state laws and directives that they say restrict their ability to do their jobs. 

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College Board Strips Topics From AP Black History Class After Criticism From DeSantis

The Black Lives Matter movement, Black feminist literary thought, Black queer studies, and slavery reparations are no longer subjects to be taught in Advanced Placement classes nationwide.

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DeSantis’ Handpicked Trustee at the New College of Florida Wants to Fire Every Teacher

This could move the college, a haven for marginalized students, away from diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, as well as teaching of critical race theory.

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DeSantis’ War on Equality Continues as His Administration Rejects Proposal for AP African American Studies Class

The course was launched this academic year in 60 schools across the country and is set to expand to hundreds of high schools before all schools can begin offering it in 2024-25.

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President of Major Teachers’ Union Condemns DeSantis Control Over Florida Classrooms

Randi Weingarten criticized the atmosphere of fear among teachers and the attack on the freedom to read.

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Florida Rejects 54 Math Books Claiming Critical Race Theory 

Florida did not include 54 of the 132 submitted textbooks on the state’s list. This represents a historic rejection of 41% of the books submitted for review.