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Añasco - Puerto Rico - Infrastructure
Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Grants Añasco, Puerto Rico, $1.1M to Repair Dams

he two dams prevented major flooding to the Añasco valley communities and industries during Hurricane María in 2017, but both suffered damages.

Carollyn Taylor Wants to Work for Those Who Serve in the Military. This Is Why It Matters to Boricuas.

The Democratic candidate for Florida's House District 2 is also a strong ally of veterans and, if elected, vows to continue to look out for their best interests.

Rep Diamond
Rep. Ben Diamond Believes in ‘Common-Sense Policies That Reward Hard Work’

As he runs for Congress in 2022, the Democratic representative from Pinellas County promises to "create an economy that gives every working Floridian a fair shot at the American Dream."

US Needs to Brace for More Deadly Storms, Experts Say

As climate change worsens, severe conditions that go beyond historical norms are becoming ever more common. President Biden has a $2 trillion plan to combat climate change.

Florida Rep. Kathy Castor Has a Plan for Climate Action Under Biden

"Our 'Solving the Climate Crisis' action plan is the roadmap for congressional action that can get us to 100% clean energy as soon as possible."

You Can ‘Adopt a Coquí’ to Keep Puerto Rico Beautiful—and Protected

Two organizations have teamed up to protect the endemic frog species, which is at risk due to loss of habitat and climate change.

Image via NOAA/AP.
Hurricane Iota Barrels Toward Central America, Two Weeks After Eta

Hurricane Iota would probably come ashore over areas where Eta’s torrential rains saturated the soil, leaving it prone to new landslides and floods.