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Florida Republicans Reject Millions in Federal Funds for Gun Violence Prevention

The state, which ranks #2 in mass shootings nationwide, turned down funds designated to support potentially life-saving programs like the state's "red flag laws."

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‘Ron DeSantis Is Putting Us in Danger’: Gun Safety Activists Criticize Open Carry Bill

Florida requires 1,200 hours of training to obtain a license to cut hair. If permitless carry becomes law, the state will require zero hours of training for people to carry a loaded firearm in public.

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‘Reckless’: Florida GOP Leaders Want to Get Rid of Gun Permits

"It's despicable." Democrats strongly object to the legislation that would allow people to buy guns with no training or background checks.

10 Years Later: What Has & Hasn’t Changed in the Decade Since Sandy Hook

We've heard it again and again: If we weren't able to pass gun reform after Sandy Hook, nothing will ever change. While school shootings haven't stopped, or even slowed, in the decade since Sandy Hook, progress has been made.