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Hurricane Ian May Delay Vote-by-Mail Ballots in Central Florida

Elections supervisors from the areas most affected by Hurricane Ian say that some polling locations may not be able to open for the election, but voters will still have the opportunity to cast their ballot.

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Over 200,000 People Have Already Voted in Florida Primaries

Early voting for the primary elections on Aug. 23 began in most Florida counties and will continue this week.

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Bad Spanish Translation Could Affect Efforts to Raise More Money for Education

A Spanish-speaking voter found the mistake on the ballot for Broward County, where one in four voters is Hispanic.

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Primary Early Voting Dates Vary by County in Florida

By law, early voting must be held for at least eight days in Florida, but those dates could be different depending on the county.

Latinos Need to Step up the Vote in These Three States

More than 32 million Latinos are eligible to vote, but will they show up on Election Day?

Records Shattered: More Than 6 Million Floridians Have Already Voted

Early voting also surged in Latino-dense counties, including Miami-Dade and Broward.

Democrats Outnumber Republicans Among Early Voters in Red Florida Counties

This early mail-voting advantage should not lull Florida Democrats into complacency, warns a data analyst.