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Diaper - Tax free Florida
Florida Democrats Reintroduce Bill to Make Diapers Permanently Tax Free in the State

In the bill’s new version, Sen. Lauren Book proposes making the diapers tax relief permanent and include other childcare items as well as feminine hygiene and incontinence products. 

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., speaks during a news conference in Statuary Hall at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. McCarthy rounded his first full week as House speaker in the most outwardly orderly way. There was hardly a hint of the chaotic, rebellious fight it took for the Republicans to arrive here, having barely installed him as the leader with the gavel. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
MAGA Republicans Plan to Hold the Economy Hostage to Cut Social Security and Medicare

The debt ceiling is a numerical limit, set by Congress, on how much money the federal government can borrow to pay its bills. Increasing the debt ceiling is a routine congressional task, but Republicans want to hold it hostage to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, even though failing to raise the limit would cause massive economic devastation.

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Florida Democrats in Legislature Get Ready to Fight for 2023 Goals, Including Affordable Housing

They are getting ready to fight to pass legislation "on the issues that matter" to Floridians, such as affordable housing, the state's shortage of teachers, and gun safety.

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10 Ways the Federal Government Delivered for American Workers and Families This Year

Under Democratic control, the federal government acted to lower healthcare and prescription drug costs; fight climate change and lower energy costs; invest in gun safety and mental healthcare; and implement a generational investment in American industry, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

Florida - Legislature - Insurance
Florida Legislators to Meet in Special Session to Try to Stabilize Property Insurance Market

The session comes as Florida's property insurance market has dealt with billions of dollars in losses, rising prices for consumers, and insurer insolvencies, even before Hurricane Ian.

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Pierluisi Visits Orlando to Promote Puerto Rican Products and Services at Expo Puerto Rico

The event promotes the export of Puerto Rican products and services to other markets, as well as promoting investment and economic development on the island.

FILE - Freight train cars sit in a Norfolk Southern rail yard on Sept. 14, 2022, in Atlanta. The Biden administration is saying the U.S. economy would face a severe economic shock if senators don't pass legislation this week to avert a rail worker strike. The administration is delivering that message personally to Democratic senators in a closed-door session Thursday, Dec. 1.  (AP Photo/Danny Karnik, File)
Biden Signs Bill to Block Rail Strike to Protect Economy; Senate Voted Down Effort to Give Rail Workers Paid Sick Days

Democratic lawmakers tried to pass a second bill that would have added paid sick days to the agreement, but were unable to reach the 60-vote threshold needed in the Senate, due to most Republican senators opposing the measure.