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Florida - Economy - DeSantis
As Floridians Struggle to Make Ends Meet, DeSantis Offers a Tax Break on Kayaks

From July 1-7, outdoor recreation and entertainment items will be tax-free in Florida.

Puerto Rico - Economy - LUMA
Puerto Rico’s Energy Bureau Approves LUMA’s Seventh Rate Increase

Since the company took over operations on the island one year ago, rate increases and blackouts have been constant.

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Charlie Crist: ‘Floridians Are Struggling Across the State, and Ron DeSantis Is to Blame’

As rent, gas, and food prices continue to soar in the Sunshine State, the Democratic representative blasts the governor for "not doing a thing about it."

Puerto Rico - Work - Benefits
Pierluisi Signed Labor Reform Defying ‘La Junta’

Puerto Rico's governor approved the legislation that increases private sector worker benefits and time off, but the financial oversight board says it would hurt the island’s economy.

Floridia - Housing - Loan
DeSantis Launches Program to Help Select Few Buy a House

The governor used a large portion of state funds allocated to build affordable housing for this home buyer program.

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DeSantis Doles Out Millions, But Fails to Say Funds Come From Biden’s American Rescue Plan

As the Republican hands out big checks to mostly red rural Florida counties, he blames Biden's plan for inflation and pushes "Brandon Did That" stickers on his campaign website.

Puerto Rico - Luma - Lawsuit
Private Companies Sue Luma Energy for $310M 

The lawsuit plans to represent all business and residential customers of the company, which blames its inefficient service on the poor state of the island's power grid.