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500,000 Meals Will Be Served to Voters Nationwide Today Thanks to World Central Kitchen

"We know that while long lines are an inconvenience for some, for many they can mean the difference between voting and not voting."

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Crispy Alcapurrias: The Perfect Recipe to Deal With Election Day Stress

To beat election stress, Puerto Rican home cook Jessica van Dop DeJesus shares her recipe for crispy, delicious alcapurrias.

Democrats Outnumber Republicans Among Early Voters in Red Florida Counties

This early mail-voting advantage should not lull Florida Democrats into complacency, warns a data analyst.

LIVE BLOG: The Latest Election News Coming Out of Florida

Marco López has become the first Puerto Rican sheriff in the history of Osceola county. The Democratic candidate prevailed over his compatriot, Luis “Tony” Fernández.