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Gov. DeSantis Is ‘Not Ready’ for the White House, Some Republicans Say

The Lincoln Project blasted the Florida governor for his response to a question about "the day every American can never forget."

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What Happens if DeSantis Runs for President?

According to the “Resign-to-Run" law, DeSantis is expected to resign if he’s interested in a federal, state, or local office.

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2024 Watch: DeSantis and Trump Will Travel to Iowa in the Coming Weeks

The closely timed Iowa visits would draw the two leading Republicans closer toward direct competition. Trump has escalated his attacks on DeSantis in recent months as he increasingly views him as a major threat.

How Fox News hosts described the lies and conspiracies aired on their network. Graphic by Desiree Tapia.
Leaked Texts Reveal: Fox News Knew They Were Spreading Lies and Conspiracies About 2020 Election

A pair of new court filings reveal that Fox’s top executives, hosts, and talent knew former President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election were false, but broadcast them anyway.

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Charlie Crist Will Donate Remaining Campaign Funds to Groups Focused on Helping Floridians

The former representative has already decided on the 20 organizations that will benefit from the money leftover.

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Nikki Fried Urges US Attorney to Investigate Trump’s Claims That He Used the FBI to Help DeSantis Win in 2018

The former president expressed his disapproval of DeSantis, whom he describes as  “an average Republican Governor with great public relations.”  

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Val Demings Calls out Rubio During Debate, Blasts His Inaction on Gun Violence and Stance on Abortion Rights

The congresswoman and the senator faced questions on topics including inflation, abortion, voting rights, gun violence, immigration, and foreign policy.