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Florida’s Dept. of Education May Put Thousands of ESL Students at Risk

Nearly 300,000 Spanish-speaking students in Florida will have to take a test in person at a time when COVID cases are on the rise.

Thousands of Floricuas Could Spend the New Year in the Dark if Moratoriums Are Not Extended

Marta Orbe and Bethzaida Vázquez are among the thousands of residents that could be evicted or lose utility services if moratoriums are not extended in Florida.

You Can ‘Adopt a Coquí’ to Keep Puerto Rico Beautiful—and Protected

Two organizations have teamed up to protect the endemic frog species, which is at risk due to loss of habitat and climate change.

FEMA Is Demanding a Refund From Thousands of Boricuas

The federal agency claims these residents were ineligible for funds to rebuild homes damaged by earthquakes and Hurricanes María and Irma.

Puerto Ricans in STEM Show Why the Arecibo Observatory Is So Important for Them and the World

Junellie González and Wilbert Ruperto, who were impacted by the radio telescope which collapsed on Dec. 1, highlight its importance for the scientific world and the future representation of Latinos in science.

Puerto Rico Just Hit a Record Number of COVID Hospitalizations

The island’s tenuous situation continues and has claimed 1,238 lives so far. Local intensive care units are at 70% occupancy.

Actores puertorriqueños se unen en una pieza virtual para rescatar las tradiciones navideñas

Alexandra Cordero, nieta de Paquito Cordero, protagoniza y produce la obra "Abrazo de Navidad", que ayuda a recordar el verdadero significado de la temporada y sus tradiciones.