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Florida - Polls - DeSantis
DeSantis Administration Blocks Federal Poll Monitors in Key Democratic-run Counties

Florida officials said that federal officials are not included in the list of people allowed inside polling places.

Florida -Early voting - Midterm
Central Florida Residents Can Now Cast Their Ballots

Residents of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Flagler, Lake, Polk, and Brevard counties are now able to cast their vote before Election Day, Nov. 8.

Electoral Police - Arrests - DeSantis
DeSantis’ Election Police Sow Fear and Confusion With Arrests

New bodycam footage shows the shock of voters who were arrested by the governor’s enforcement tool, even though they were allowed to vote in the 2020 election.

Florida - vote - ian
Hurricane Ian May Delay Vote-by-Mail Ballots in Central Florida

Elections supervisors from the areas most affected by Hurricane Ian say that some polling locations may not be able to open for the election, but voters will still have the opportunity to cast their ballot.

Florida - Latino - Vote
Solicitan empleados electorales bilingües para las elecciones de medio término en Florida

Las personas interesadas trabajarán con las oficinas electorales y recibirán un sueldo por ayudar a los electores de habla hispana en el proceso de votación.

Florida - Primary - Puerto Rican
Meet the Puerto Ricans Who Won in the Primary

Robert Asencio, Anthony Nieves, and Maribel Gómez Cordero are among the Puerto Ricans and Latinos who received the most votes on Tuesday.

Florida - Charlie Crist - Primary
Charlie Crist to Challenge Gov. DeSantis in the Midterm Elections

Florida voters chose the 66-year-old Democratic candidate on Tuesday.