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SSpeaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., holds an event to mark 100 days of the Republican majority in the House, at the Capitol in Washington, Monday, April 17, 2023. McCarthy is hurtling toward one of the most consequential weeks of the new House Republican majority as he labors to pass a partisan package that would raise the nation's debt limit by $1.5 trillion in exchange for steep cuts that some in his own party oppose. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)
House GOP Passes Bill That Would Take Food and Healthcare From Florida Families

An estimated 833,000 Floridians would lose access to food assistance, 17,600 kids would lose preschool and child care slots, and Florida veterans would lose 566,500 doctors visits for issues like mental health and substance disorder treatment under the bill.

AP Photo/Allison Dinner
4 Reasons You Should Be Paying Attention to the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill provides food assistance for 41 million Americans, funds land conservation practices, is a huge source of federal investment in rural communities, and ensures all Americans they have access to a safe, stable supply of food.

7 Great Places for the Best Key Lime Pie in Florida
7 Best Places for Key Lime Pie in Florida

From Miami to Orlando and from Tampa to Sarasota, here are seven great places to enjoy the best of Florida’s quintessential dessert.

Where to Find the Best Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa
Where to Find the Best Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa

Tampa named the Cuban its official sandwich about a decade ago, and its city councilmembers even codified the recipe that authenticates a sandwich as an official “historic Tampa Cuban.” Here are six restaurants, butchers, and bakeries across the Tampa metropolitan area where locals gather to get their fix of their city’s favorite sandwich.

Photo courtesy of Love Life Cafe, Miami.
6 Delish Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Florida

As vegan and vegetarian food grow in popularity, many restaurants across Florida are offering this healthier fare, but without sacrificing the great taste of a good home-cooked meal!

12 Facts About Puerto Rico’s Delicioso Coquito Plus a Recipe

Think you know all about coquito? Here are 12 facts about the “little coconut”... and a queen’s own recipe (hello, Dayanara!) for the holidays.

The Best Places in Miami to Get Mofongo

From food trucks to family restaurants to great spots for nightlife, these Puerto Rican establishments across Miami will cure your mofongo cravings.