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As Florida Struggles, Republican Majority Hands Conservative Culture Wins to DeSantis

The GOP-majority legislature delivered on an aggressive agenda for the governor, who told reporters that he got 99% of what he wanted.

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DeSantis Says He Will Call a Special Session for Open Carry if He Can Get the Votes

On Thursday, the state Senate voted in favor of the permitless carry bill, which will allow Floridians to carry concealed guns without a permit.

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Florida Republicans Reject Millions in Federal Funds for Gun Violence Prevention

The state, which ranks #2 in mass shootings nationwide, turned down funds designated to support potentially life-saving programs like the state's "red flag laws."

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Republicans Try to Throw Overboard Important Progress Made for Gun Safety in Florida

The state’s Criminal Justice Subcommittee approved a bill that would reverse the 2018 law to reduce the age to purchase or transfer a long gun from 21 to 18 years old.

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More Puerto Ricans Want to Purchase a Weapon

San Juan is the region with the highest number of requests. Acevedo said that they receive between 150 and 180 petitions a day from that area.

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‘Ron DeSantis Is Putting Us in Danger’: Gun Safety Activists Criticize Open Carry Bill

Florida requires 1,200 hours of training to obtain a license to cut hair. If permitless carry becomes law, the state will require zero hours of training for people to carry a loaded firearm in public.

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On Parkland’s Fifth Anniversary, These Young Advocates Vow to Keep Fighting to Save Lives

Two survivors of the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School remember the day that changed their lives forever and ignited a passion to advocate for common sense gun safety measures.