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Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade. What Does That Mean for Floridians?

Here's what the SCOTUS decision and Gov. DeSantis' new abortion ban mean for Florida.

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DeSantis Wages New War on Transition-Related Medical Care for Trans Floridians

Despite opposition from most professional medical associations, DeSantis is proposing to strip Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming care from transgender Medicaid enrollees, including minors.

EXCLUSIVE: Voters Oppose National Abortion Ban and Are ‘Worried,’ ‘Sad,’ and ‘Angry’ Over State of Abortion Rights, According to New Poll

Sixty-eight percent of likely voters oppose a national ban on abortion, according to a new Courier Newsroom/Data for Progress poll.

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Central Florida Obtains Record Number in Federal Funds for the Homeless

es for people who have been on the streets for years, struggle with mental illness or physical disabilities, as well as victims of domestic violence and human trafficking will be expanded.

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The Senate Passed the Federal Funding Bill. Here’s What’s in it for Puerto Rico.

The bill adds $200 million to the $2.9 billion previously authorized by Biden to increase the island's access to Medicaid.

Florida Democrats to DeSantis: ‘Comply With Federal Law, Save Taxpayers Money Needed for Medicare and Medicaid’

The state's refusal to comply with the rules is in violation of federal law and will cost taxpayers if it does not reverse course.

Charlie Crist Calls on DeSantis to Expand Medicaid as 1M Floridians Could Lose Health Coverage in April

The US Rep. says Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature “are missing in action on what’s important to most Floridians,” and promises that, if elected governor, he will veto any state budget that does not include Medicaid expansion.