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Recipes to Enjoy a Boricua Plant-Based Thanksgiving!

Four Boricua holiday classics, including arroz con gandules, ensalada de papa, y el indispensable coquito: They are all meatless and/or free of animal products, and all delish. More good news? They’re easy to prepare, too! Se acerca el Día de Acción de Gracias, and after a year that has been trying for so many, you...

May 2021 Be the Year People Stop Calling Latinos ‘Spanish’

Latinos may speak Spanish, but they are not Spanish, in the same way that Americans are not English. So why do some people use the terms interchangeably? It's complicated.

You Have a Right to Voting Information in Spanish. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Federal law establishes that minority groups must have access to electoral materials in their native language. In Florida, 32 counties have been sued for not complying.

Norberto Fonseca Floricua
Norberto Fonseca Delivers 75,000 Pounds of Food Every Month to Families in Need

The executive director of a senior center in Kissimmee devotes his life to helping others, especially Puerto Ricans in Central Florida—a community facing many challenges.