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Florida Democrats Want to Lower HOA Fines and Penalties by 50%

Under state law, an HOA is allowed to charge fines of up to $1,000 per violation against a member of the residential community. These bills aim to cut that in half.

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The Vacation Rental Market Is Strong in Puerto Rico and Florida, but Has Negative Consequences for Local Residents

Vacation rentals are popular in both places, but the proliferation of these businesses is displacing residents.

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Renters Are Struggling. The Biden Administration Introduced New Protections for Them This Week.

The Biden administration introduced several new efforts to protect renters, make renting more affordable, and to increase fairness in the rental market.

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Florida Democrats in Legislature Get Ready to Fight for 2023 Goals, Including Affordable Housing

They are getting ready to fight to pass legislation "on the issues that matter" to Floridians, such as affordable housing, the state's shortage of teachers, and gun safety.

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Walt Disney World to Invest in Affordable Housing in Orlando

The units will be available to qualified applicants who are Disney employees or members of the public.

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DeSantis’ Top Aides Tried to Help Companies Bypass Rent-Control Restrictions

More than 40,000 affordable apartments across the state could have been lost if the proposed amendment had passed.

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Florida Democrats Introduce Bill to Finance Critical Condo Safety Repairs

The legislation authorizes the Federal Housing Administration to ensure repair loans for condo associations when serious problems are found.