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Vickie Cartwright
DeSantis Appointees Dismiss Broward Schools Superintendent in Their Last Week on the Job

All five board members voting against Superintendent Vickie Cartwright in Florida's most Democratic-leaning county were appointed in August by the governor.

Florida - Schools - DeSantis
President of Major Teachers’ Union Condemns DeSantis Control Over Florida Classrooms

Randi Weingarten criticized the atmosphere of fear among teachers and the attack on the freedom to read.

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DeSantis: Teaching Requirements Are ‘Too Rigid,’ Moves to Let Veterans Without Degrees Teach

Low pay and a hostile environment toward educators around LGBTQ issues and race continue to push away Florida teachers in droves.

Florida - Textbooks - DeSantis
Florida’s Largest School District  Rejects Sex Ed Textbooks

Miami-Dade County school members and parents said the material is not age-appropriate for students in middle and high school

Florida - Teachers - Shortage
School Districts Are Working Hard to Fill School Teacher Shortage

With nearly 9,000 vacancies around the state, the career does not seem as attractive as before.

Florida - Math books - Education
Florida Rejects 54 Math Books Claiming Critical Race Theory 

Florida did not include 54 of the 132 submitted textbooks on the state’s list. This represents a historic rejection of 41% of the books submitted for review.

Puerto Rico - Schools - Repair - Fema
This Is How Puerto Rico’s Government Plans to Repair Damaged Schools

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi said that he plans to to repair, remodel or expand over 500 schools, as well as build new facilities. Schools in the southern area of the island that were affected by the 2020 earthquakes will take priority.