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Edwin - Ocasio - Puerto Rico
¿Has pensado volver a la Isla? El productor Edwin Ocasio lo hizo por estas razones.

Después de tener éxito con su compañía teatral en Florida Central, el productor sentía que faltaba algo y ahora está de vuelta en la Isla.

Puerto Rico - Housing - crisis
El Otro Puerto Rico Emerges to Tackle the Housing Crisis and Displacement on the Island

As has happened in Florida, rents have skyrocketed in Puerto Rico. In 2017 the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment was $504, but in 2022 that price had risen to $2,990.

Puerto Rico - La Junta - Conflict Interest
Reps. Velázquez and Grijalva Ask DOJ to Crack Down on Conflicts of Interest Among La Junta Advisors

A report has revealed that various FOMB advisors have troubling conflicts of interest. One of them has as a client a company that owns half of LUMA Energy.

Puerto Ricans - Vote - Florida
Majority of Puerto Ricans in Florida Did Not Vote for DeSantis, Data Shows

The analysis included data from Orange and Osceola counties, focusing primarily on the 50 precincts with the highest Puerto Rican voter density.

Puerto Rico - Population - Elderly
Puerto Rico’s Population Is Rapidly Growing Older. Here’s Why.

Outmigration as well as a lack of services and kin are impacting older adults in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico - Electric - Genera
Gov. Pierluisi Privatizes Puerto Rico’s Power Generation

Genera PR, a subsidiary of New York-based New Fortress Energy, was granted a $22.5 million annual contract for 10 years.

Puerto Rico - protest - LUMA
Puerto Rico Extends LUMA’s Contract Despite Strong Opposition

Since LUMA began operations on the island, blackouts have become more frequent, several of them wide-scale, and electric rates have increased seven times.