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Puerto Rico - Electric - Genera
Gov. Pierluisi Privatizes Puerto Rico’s Power Generation

Genera PR, a subsidiary of New York-based New Fortress Energy, was granted a $22.5 million annual contract for 10 years.

Puerto Rico - protest - LUMA
Puerto Rico Extends LUMA’s Contract Despite Strong Opposition

Since LUMA began operations on the island, blackouts have become more frequent, several of them wide-scale, and electric rates have increased seven times.

Puerto Rico - Biden - Infrasctructure
Biden Pledges to ‘Rebuild it All’  in Post-Hurricane Visit to Puerto Rico

Biden has pledged that the US government will not abandon Puerto Rico as it starts to rebuild again, five years after the more powerful Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017.

Puerto Rico - Fiona - Diesel
Puerto Rico Seeks US Shipping Waiver as Post-Fiona Diesel Shortage Looms

 Diesel supplies on the island continue to decrease at a high rate, while a British Petroleum ship with 300,000 barrels of diesel just off the island can’t deliver the much-needed fuel because of the Jones Act.

Puerto Rico - Demings - Soto
Democratic Rep. Val Demings Calls for Rapid Rebuilding in Puerto Rico

Demings, the Democratic candidate for Florida's federal Senate seat, joined a congressional delegation to PR this weekend.

Puerto Rico - Hurricane - Fiona
Biden Issues a Major Disaster Declaration for Puerto Rico, Allowing Federal Dollars to Flow In

The president’s action will make federal funding available to affected individuals in 55 municipalities.

Puerto Rico - Hurricane Fiona - Biden
Biden Called Pierluisi to Reiterate Support for Puerto Rico After Fiona

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi will officially submit the major disaster declaration request to President Biden, after seeing the damages several municipalities have suffered.