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Photo by Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post via Getty Images.
Some Businesses Are Done With Trump and GOP After Riots

Companies are growing skittish about lawmakers who backed Trump’s false claims of election fraud and suspends political donations.

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Some Florida Republicans Are Leaving the GOP After Trump-Induced Mob Assault

"I once said the party of Lincoln and Reagan is off taking a nap,” former Republican House speaker John Boehner wrote on Thursday. “The nap has become a nightmare for our nation."

A Brief History of How Sen. Mike Lee Has Legislated Against Latinos, Women, and Disabled People

"Sen. Mike Lee's obstruction is disgraceful but typical. Senate has failed for months to provide COVID relief," the Hispanic Caucus said.

3 Former High-Level Trump Officials Warn Voters: Vote for Biden or ‘We Will No Longer Be America’

These former White House staffers blast Trump in a scathing new video as they urge Americans to vote for Joe Biden.

Ballots Cast by Black and Latino Voters Are More Likely to Be Flagged for Rejection

The reason for this is missing or mismatched signatures, among other problems, with Dems 0.07% more likely than Republicans to have issues raised with their ballots.

Democrats Outnumber Republicans Among Early Voters in Red Florida Counties

This early mail-voting advantage should not lull Florida Democrats into complacency, warns a data analyst.

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Rep. Mucarsel-Powell Blasts Trump for Putting Venezuelans’ Lives in Danger

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would give Venezuelans the ability to live and work legally in the U.S. for limited time without fear of deportation. Senate Republicans blocked the bill.