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Meet the Venezuelan Activist Combating the ‘Socialist’ Narrative

After years trapped in the US immigration labyrinth, Juan Correa Villalonga is now assisting Florida Democratic campaigns.

Florida Rep.: ‘If Sen. Rubio Truly Wants To Stand With Venezuelans, Support TPS’

"Senator Rubio has had numerous opportunities to support TPS for Venezuelans," Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell said.

20 Years After Leaving Venezuela, She Will Finally Vote for the First Time

Becoming a US citizen "was one of the best days of my life," said the new voter who left Venezuela as a child.

Calladitas No More: This Young Venezuelan Fights Misinformation in the Name of Unity

Dilianna Bustillos grew up in Venezuela during difficult times, so she has experienced firsthand what it feels like to be in a divided country.

Cubans and Venezuelans Are ‘Worse Off’ Under Trump, Biden Says

Biden blasted the president for doing "nothing to advance democracy and human rights" in those countries.