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19-Year-Old Female Soldier Found Dead on New Year’s Eve at Fort Bliss

Army officials announced the death of a 19-year-old female soldier stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. The death is being investigated.

Army Officials Fire, Suspend 14 Fort Hood Leaders After Vanessa Guillén Murder Investigation

Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy released an extensive review after a months-long look into Fort Hood and their handling of the Vanessa Guillén case.

Boricuas Have Complicated Feelings About the U.S. Military. Here’s Why.

For more than a century Puerto Ricans had been part of the American military service. Poverty has been an incentive for recruitment on the island.

I Used to Write Commercials for the U.S. Army to Recruit Latinos. I Wouldn’t Do It Today

The early nineties were a very different time to tell you 'Be all you can be.' Here's what has changed in appealing to Latinos with a career in uniform.

Houston Family Won’t Rest Until Missing Soldier Vanessa Guillen Is Found

Vanessa Guillen went missing from Ft. Hood, Texas in April after alleging a sergeant was sexually harassing her. This is what's happened afterward.