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2020 BET Awards: How Beyoncé and Michelle Obama Spoke Up to Demand Social Justice

The three-hour pre-taped show highlighted the Black Lives Matter movement, the importance of voting, and celebrated Black culture.

PHOTOS: How These Artists Showed Up to Support Black Lives Matter

Latinos represented and expressed their solidarity to the Black Lives Matter protests by adding color to the empty streets of SOHO.

What Happened After Police Murdered Rayshard Brooks

Another unarmed Black man is killed by the police — this time in Atlanta — leading to the resignation of the city's police chief, and massive protests over the weekend.

Latinos Marching for Black Lives Denounce Being Stalked by ICE Agents at Protests

Reports from Arizona, New York City, and Washington D.C. indicate officers of ICE and the FBI patrolled protests, and racially profiled some protesters.

Puerto Ricans Black Lives Matter
WATCH: This Is How Boricuas Are Uniting to Say Black Lives Matter

From Loíza to New York, Puerto Ricans are joining the fight against racism and police brutality the best way they know: protesting with music.

Your Guide to Raising Anti-Racist Kids in Today’s America

Raising anti-racist children is everyone's task, and it starts at home. Here's an invitation — and some useful tips — for all moms and dads.

Should I Be More Scared of COVID or the Cops?

If COVID-19 doesn’t get me, maybe the evil policing by the black body will, and it doesn’t matter if I’m a “good” or “bad” black. Before I open my mouth, my skin has already spoken for me.