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Arizona Resolution Could Allow Undocumented Students to Pay In-State Tuition

Undocumented students currently have to pay 150% of tuition at state universities. A proposed resolution could qualify them for in-state rates.

Latino College Enrollment Was Surging. Then COVID-19 Happened.

A new study shows 5.4% of Latino undergraduate college students dropped out because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Latino students reconsider college plans amid pandemic
Rethinking Your College Plans? Against All Odds Latino Students Must Stay The Course.

Without money and fearful of COVID-19 infections, students are turning away from going to college at alarming rates, leading some institutions to close for good.

Education Latina Mother and Daughter
Organization Helps Latina Mothers and Daughters Succeed

For decades, young Latinas struggle in higher numbers than their peers with depression and suicide, Con mi madre, an organization in Texas, uses the mother and daughter bond to help them succeed.

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What Does the College Choice for Latino Families Look Like in a Pandemic World?

With 49% of Latinos saying someone in their household has either lost their job or experienced a reduction in income due to the pandemic, the college dream might not be a priority, but students still have good and affordable options.

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The Effect Of COVID-19 On College Admissions For Latinos

Covid-19 is forcing colleges to adapt, but Latino students may be left behind with limited access to school counselors and information.