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Young girl wearing a mask
More than 7,000 Children in Florida Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

The CDC's new guidelines exclude age as a factor for COVID-19 contagion as more than 7,000 kids test positive in Florida alone, according to the Department of Health.

All of These Things Are Now Reopening in Puerto Rico

Phase three of reopening kicks-off amid a spike in positive cases and hospitalizations, a severe drought, and more tremors that were felt in the south of the island.

COVID-19 - Pregnant Women
Pregnant Women Are Added in COVID-19 Risk Groups

The CDC updated its list of which Americans are at higher risk for severe cases of COVID-19, adding pregnant women and removing age alone as a factor.

Dr. William Félix’s Journey From Treating High-Performance Athletes to COVID Patients

The Puerto Rican sports physician traveled the world with the NBA. When the pandemic hit, helping COVID-19 patients became his calling in life.

Puerto Rico Is Opening Back Up. That Could Be Wildly Dangerous.

Experts worry that two upcoming holidays could create a resurgence of COVID-19 on the island. They agree waiting longer for a total reopening is the safest thing to do.

Labor-Department-Unemployment-Puerto Rico
What We Know About Puerto Rico’s New Labor Department Boss — And What He Plans To Do

A better electronic system and fewer gatherings of people in one place are some of the promises made by the new secretary on his first day of service.

Unemployment Violence Puerto Rico
Violence Breaks Out As Puerto Rico’s Unemployment System Breaks Down

The stabbing of a man and threats to employees have forced the department to change its claim-filing process amid its secretary's resignation.