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Lawsuit: Tyson Managers Took Bets On How Many Employees Would Get COVID

"Betting on how many people are going to get sick, that's appalling," LULAC National President Domingo García told The Americano.

‘More People May Die’: Joe Biden Pleads With Trump to Aid Transition

Biden warned of grave consequences if Trump and his administration continue to refuse to coordinate with his transition team.

A Negative COVID-19 Test Before Thanksgiving Doesn’t Mean You or Your Family Are Safe

The CDC advises you should only partake in holiday celebrations with people in your household. And if you do have to see people, you should wear a mask and adhere to COVID restrictions.

These Four Groups Will Likely Be First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine supplies will be limited at first, yet getting the shots to the right people could change the course of the pandemic.

Know Your Risk: Use This Tool to Find Out How Likely It Is to Catch COVID Where You Live

This interactive map shows the risk of COVID contagion across the country. But there are things the tool can't predict.

This Latina Is Making Sure El Paso COVID-19 Victims Don’t Become Just Another Statistic

With so many people asking for donations, the 27-year-old mom wanted to do something to help the victims and their families.

Experts Worry About Puerto Rico’s Rapid Rise in COVID Cases

The island is at a high level of COVID-19 risk with a 10% positivity rate in 67 of the 78 municipalities.