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Puerto Rico Health Secretary Tests Positive for COVID-19, Governor Goes Into Quarantine

The two government officials recently visited New York. This week they were working on new measures to tackle the pandemic on the island.

‘It’s Scary’: Six Latinas on Coping With COVID-19 Stress

The disease has had a disproportionate impact on Hispanic women across the country and taken a toll on their mental health.

PR High School Students Defraud Unemployment System as Thousands Wait Desperately for Benefits

The scheme perpetrated by a group of students of a private school in San Juan makes many wonder what is wrong with the system.

Florida Quietly Reimposes Food Stamp Work Requirements in the Middle of a Pandemic

The mandate was issued without a previous announcement from the Department of Children and Families or from the state’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

‘This Is the Time to Unite!’: Eva Longoria Bastón Wants You to Join Momento Latino

With COVID-19 severely impacting Latino communities in the U.S., the actor and philanthropist says now is the time to create systematic change in health, education, immigration reform and the economy.

Local plans to reopen schools in thoughtful ways are being challenged by the Trump administration which favors a prompt return to in-person schooling, ignoring the health risks of COVID-19.
Trump Administration Pushes for Riskiest Approach to Reopening Schools

Latino families are in the crossfire between the push to reopen schools and being disproportionately ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Child wearing a mask
UPDATED: More Than 23,000 Children Have Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Florida

Gov. DeSantis is pushing to reopen schools in the fall, saying children are at low risk for the novel coronavirus. But the numbers tell a different story.