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Latino Immigrants Shared Stories of Heartbreak Under Trump at Wednesday’s DNC

From a mixed-status immigrant family to an 11-year-old whose mother was deported, viewers got first-hand stories on how their lives were turned upside down when Trump was elected.

Here Are the 3 Latino Democrat ‘Rising Stars’ the DNC Spotlighted Tuesday Night

They said it was going to be a different kind of keynote at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, and that’s what they delivered.

Alexandria - Ocasio-Cortez - Election 2020 DNC
Here’s Why AOC’s Sanders Nomination Was Standard Procedure

An expert explains why the New York congresswoman did not mention Joe Biden in her speech, a formality that caused confusion on social media.

Calm Down: AOC Was at the DNC to Nominate Sanders But She’s Supporting Biden

Did she just nominate Sen. Sanders? Yes, but that's what the convention is all about.

WATCH: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Addresses Nation, Praises ‘Mass People’s Movement’

It's the speech that many were waiting for, and the Puerto Rican Congresswoman managed to cover critical issues such as unemployment and social injustice.

Eva Longoria Will Kick Off DNC, Adding to List of Latinos That Includes AOC, Julián Castro

The main event of the Democrat Party is being held virtually for the first time, with the Hollywood star making her second appearance.

AOC Has 60 Seconds to Deliver Her DNC Speech. These Top 5 Speeches Prove She’ll Nail It.

Can she talk about Biden, the pandemic, the housing and economic crisis, immigration reform, climate change, and voting out Trump in a minute?