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Florida Doctors Take a Blowtorch to Trump and DeSantis’ “Heartbreaking and Irresponsible” COVID-19 Response

As cases surge in the state, these physicians blast the Republican governor's refusal to return to lockdowns.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Pushes for High School Fall Sports, Despite Warnings From Medical Advisory Panel

"Until this virus is given the respect it deserves to quiet down, introducing sports adds fuel to the fire," warns Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Chairwoman.

Jobless Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands of Floridians Expired Saturday. DeSantis Has Nothing to Say.

The governor’s non-response received a strong rebuke from state Democrats, who tweeted their disapproval of DeSantis being out of touch with the working class.

Kids at school
New Study Says Kids Can Spread COVID-19

The results raise serious concerns about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ relentless push for in-person classes in August.

2,600 Florida Pediatricians Press DeSantis to Reconsider Reopening Schools in the Fall

The state’s American Academy of Pediatrics warns the governor that if schools reopen for in-person learning, many children and families will likely become ill with COVID-19.

Gov. Ron DeSantis
Florida Democrats to DeSantis: ‘Start Telling Floridians the Truth’

On Sunday, state health officials confirmed 15,299 new cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, a new record for the largest number of new cases in a state in a single day.

Florida coronavirus map
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where and Who Coronavirus Has Hit the Hardest This Week in Florida

On Thursday, Florida saw 10,109 new confirmed cases, setting a new record for the highest single-day total.