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Know Your Candidate (Part 2): Olga González Knows Struggle. That’s Why She Wants to be Kissimmee’s Mayor.

The Floricua city commissioner never imagined being part of the political arena after surviving a serious accident and a few evictions. Now she’s running for mayor.

State Farm Arena Will Now Be the Largest-Ever Voting Precinct in Georgia

After a myriad of voting issues during the primary election in Georgia, a new solution is finally here to serve hundreds of thousands of voters in the primary runoff election on August 11 and the upcoming presidential election.

Know Your Candidate (Part 1): Jackie Espinosa Wants to Be Kissimmee’s Mayor. Here’s Her Vision for the City.

The business owner is one of six candidates running for the mayoral chair in the Florida city. Two more candidates are also Puerto Rican women.

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Facebook Removed Dozens of Trump Ads That Used a Nazi Symbol

“The Nazis used red triangles to identify their political victims in concentration camps. Using it to attack political opponents is highly offensive."

A Massive Amount of Democrats Turned Out to Vote in Georgia — Even With the Election SNAFU

People waited for hours to vote in the primary elections in Georgia. Turnout data that dedication paid off and broke records. Plus, more Latinos are registering to vote.

Why Trump Is Moving the RNC to Jacksonville, Florida

In an unusual move due to the COVID-19 crisis and pressure from President Trump, this year’s edition of the party meeting will take place in two states.

Democratic congressional candidate Teresa Leger Fernandez, in the blue mask, cheers on supporters at a polling station Tuesday, June 2, 2020, in Santa Fe, N.M. (AP Photo/Cedar Attanasio)
Tuesday Was a Huge Night for Women of Color Candidates

Some activists cite the primary results as evidence that protests can spur political action, leading to important gains in electing candidates who are attuned to issues of race and inequity.