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Americanos Vote: All You Need to Know to Vote in the 2020 Election

Latinos don’t take the right to vote lightly. And that’s why we have prepared a comprehensive guide with all the information you need to vote and make your voice heard in November.

Is Puerto Rico’s Electoral System Ready for the General Election?

Puerto Rico’s botched gubernatorial primary elections on Sunday were suspended after voting centers lacked paper ballots, forcing election officials to postpone the process until next week.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Called Her Puerto Rican Mother an ‘Immigrant’ at the RNC

Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, a former Fox News host, implied that Puerto Ricans are immigrants when they are in fact U.S. citizens.

These Artists Have Publicly Refused to Let Trump Use Their Music

From the Rolling Stones to R.E.M. and Adele, the list of musicians fighting the president reads like an encyclopedia of rock and pop.

New Poll: 60% of Young Latinos Will Vote for Biden

The study conducted by Telemundo and Buzzfeed News also shows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as one of the few political figures that makes them feel represented.

Military Vet Slams Trump for Spreading Lies About Voting by Mail

Many vets shared their stories on social media about how they voted during elections while serving overseas.

More Women Are Running for Office in Puerto Rico — But It’s Still Not Enough

All of the island's political parties have female candidates on their roster, but the ratio is low considering that women make up 53% of Puerto Rico’s population.