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The Unsinkable Rita Moreno Gets Her Dues in New Documentary

'Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It' is an unflinching, intimate portrait of the living legend. As Moreno herself tells us, it doesn’t pull any punches.

Graphic via Rebecca Russ.
Meet the Dominican Who Narrates the Spanish Audiobook Translation of Obama’s ‘A Promised Land’

Victor Sabi's childhood dream was to tell stories. Today, as an award-winning voice actor, he is telling the stories—in Spanish—of world leaders Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela.

Actores puertorriqueños se unen en una pieza virtual para rescatar las tradiciones navideñas

Alexandra Cordero, nieta de Paquito Cordero, protagoniza y produce la obra "Abrazo de Navidad", que ayuda a recordar el verdadero significado de la temporada y sus tradiciones.

‘One Day at a Time’ Is Officially Canceled. Fans Everywhere Go Into Mourning.

'One Day at a Time' was a reboot of the 1975 sitcom and was on the air since 2017 before being canceled.

7 Reasons ‘Selena: The Series’ on Netflix Did Not Do Her Memory Justice

"No I’m not watching Netflix Selena. Enough people I trust have expressed VALID concerns and I do not reward mediocrity for the sake of representation. We shouldn’t."

5 Latino-Themed Halloween Movies for a Safe Holiday at Home

Start popping the popcorn, because here are some frightfully good horror movies (con acento hispano) to scare you silly on Oct. 31.