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Jobless Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands of Floridians Expired Saturday. DeSantis Has Nothing to Say.

The governor’s non-response received a strong rebuke from state Democrats, who tweeted their disapproval of DeSantis being out of touch with the working class.

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Where to Get Tested in South Florida If You Don’t Have a Car

Most people that live in densely populated areas and are considered “essential” workers, are in dire need of walk-up sites to get tested.

What Makes a Worker “Essential” or “Expendable” Is Not Their Jobs
What Makes a Worker “Essential” or “Expendable” Is Not Their Jobs

Black and Latinos disproportionately represent the front lines of workers who are at high risk, 'essential' applies to their jobs, but rarely to themselves.

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My Boyfriend Is an Essential Worker. The Truth Is, I Hate It.

Reporter Janelle Cogan shares what it's like to date and live with an "essential worker," and opens up about the stress and anxiety it entails.

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Sen. Warren and Rep. Khanna Release ‘Essential Workers Bill of Rights’

“We have a responsibility to make sure essential workers have the protections they need, the rights they are entitled to, and the compensation they deserve.”

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House Cleaners and Nannies Hit Hard by Pandemic

With little or no resources to keep them economically afloat, nannies, gardeners and house cleaners are suffering during the crisis as some think of them as nonessential.

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Should I Wear A Mask? Can I Leave My Home? We Answer Your Quarantine Questions.

The federal government’s lack of a cohesive response has forced states to adopt their own rules and create a patchwork system of “stay-at-home” orders and other public health measures.