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Using Face Masks Could Dramatically Lower Death Numbers in Florida, Study Shows

By using face masks, projected deaths in Florida would drop by more than 3,500 by December 1, new study says.

Florida coronavirus map
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where and Who Coronavirus Has Hit the Hardest This Week in Florida

More than 402,000 cases of the illness caused by the novel coronavirus were reported in the Sunshine State as of Friday.

Giovanni Roberto
‘Only the People Can Save Puerto Rico’: Activist Arrested for Feeding People Has a Message

People are tired of having the government of Puerto Rico lying to them. This phrase may move us into action: Only the people can save themselves!

Healthcare Workers in Coronavirus Crisis
How to Clean and Store Your COVID-19 Face Mask

In spite of states reopening, using protection to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is still recommended. Many ask "How should I clean and store my face mask?" Here's what the experts say.

Is Memorial Day the First Social Distancing Long Weekend in U.S. History?

Social distancing is practiced by some and ignored by others in a warm Memorial Day Weekend in New York City. Here's how the epicenter — still — of Coronavirus looks like.

Rev. Juan Carlos Ruíz
Jesus Would Have Worn a Mask. You Should Too.

When we wear our face mask, it’s not just a sign of self-care; it’s a sign of empathy, love, and regard for our siblings around us; a show of thankfulness to our essential workers for risking their lives for us.