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How Rep. Anna Eskamani Is Working for Puerto Ricans in Florida

The Orlando representative says she works hard for the rights of everyday people and for those who think government does not work for them. That includes Boricuas in the Sunshine State.

This Is Víctor Vázquez: the Puerto Rican Who Aims to Improve Miami Springs

The Miami Dade College professor obtained 70% of the votes in a recent nonpartisan election, winning the Miami Springs City Council, Group 4 seat.

Joven no puede continuar estudios debido a desventaja que tienen estudiantes que no hablan inglés en Florida

Natalia Mejía ha perdido su primer año de universidad, por no poder tomar el examen ESOL en su idioma natal.

Puerto Rican YouTuber Spreads Holiday Cheer by Posting Florida’s Best Light Displays

Viewers can enjoy Florida’s attractions from the safety of their homes, thanks to Héctor Bernier's videos.

Witnessing Injustice Made Lisa Marie Hernández a Warrior for Reproductive Rights

The activist is dedicated to women’s reproductive rights and the fair treatment of Puerto Rico and its people.

How Jorge Pérez Is a Force in the Puerto Rican Community

After living in Orlando for more than 30 years, the inspector reflects on how the problems faced by the Latino community have evolved.

Adalberto Rivera Floricua Of The Week
Floricua Of The Week: How A Latino Respiratory Therapist Protects Himself And Others

For Adalberto following protocol to avoid coronavirus is a social duty of every citizen.