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75% of Detained Immigrants at Virginia Detention Center Have COVID-19

Detained immigrants are begging to be released from detention centers throughout the country as coronavirus cases continue to spread inside the facilities.

Trump Has Deliberately Targeted Immigrants During the Pandemic. These 13 Policies Prove It.

From denying DACA applications to forcing meat-packing plants to remain open, Trump has target immigrants even more so since the start of the pandemic.

ICE Is Holding Unaccompanied Babies in Hotels Before Deportation. Here’s What We Know.

The Trump administration is detaining immigrant children as young as 1 in hotels, sometimes for weeks, before deporting them to their home countries.

Federal Judge Rules New DACA Applications Must Get Approved

Undocumented immigrants that qualify for the DACA program may continue to apply once again for protection against deportation.

The Case for Latinos Voting Trump Out in 2020 — and Building a New Country

As an activist, organizing alongside immigrants, workers, and young Latino students in Texas, I know how critical this election is and that voting is not the only thing we can do to make a change. But it is the most basic thing we must do.

Drive-Thru Citizenship Ceremonies Ease Backlog, But People Worry Delays Will Prevent Them From Voting

Federal immigration agency is slowly getting back to approving new citizenship applicants, but many more face delays which could have a serious effect on the voting outcome in the presidential election.

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Dreamer Farmer Erwin Hernández Celebrates DACA Decision ‘With Caution’

The Oaxacan who has been in the U.S. for two decades under DACA is cautious to celebrate the ruling. This is what the Florida farmer — previously featured in our Voices of the Workers series — has to say.