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Hannity Looked Like Such a Fool When Talking About ‘Despacito’

The right-wing commentator tried to poke fun at Joe Biden and "Despacito" but ended up looking like a joke himself.

Puerto Rican Commissioner: Biden Has Respect for the Island. That Will Make a Difference.

Viviana Janer, the commissioner who opened Biden’s campaign event in Kissimmee, Florida, said the Democratic presidential candidate is aware that Puerto Rico has not recovered from Hurricane Maria.

“My Son Was Not a Sucker”: Joe Biden Told Florida Military Veterans

The former vice president didn't hold back when talking about Trump and how he has spoken ill of the military.

Biden-Harris Just Dropped Their Plan to Help Puerto Rico Rebuild. Here’s What’s In It.

The Democratic presidential candidate criticized Trump’s treatment of Puerto Rico and its people, saying he will address the political status of the island.

This Cuban-Led Organization Welcomed Biden With a Rally and Caravan in Florida

Casa Biden organized a rally to welcome the Democratic presidential candidate during his Florida visit. Biden will meet veterans and participate in a Hispanic Heritage Month Event.

Joe- Biden- Visit
Biden Is Bringing His Message Straight to Latino Voters in Florida Tuesday

Biden will visit the Sunshine State for the first time since claiming the Democratic nomination and will participate in a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee.

WATCH: Biden Drops Four New Spanish-Language Ads That Will Make Trump Mad

The ads are a direct attack against Trump's failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, Hurricane Maria, and Latino workers.