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Joven no puede continuar estudios debido a desventaja que tienen estudiantes que no hablan inglés en Florida

Natalia Mejía ha perdido su primer año de universidad, por no poder tomar el examen ESOL en su idioma natal.

Puerto Ricans in STEM Show Why the Arecibo Observatory Is So Important for Them and the World

Junellie González and Wilbert Ruperto, who were impacted by the radio telescope which collapsed on Dec. 1, highlight its importance for the scientific world and the future representation of Latinos in science.

Schools Often Ignore Gifted Black and Latino Students. Here’s What Needs to Be Done.

“Little has been done that actually addresses this as a systemic issue that is discriminatory and hurtful to entire populations of youth.”

Latino College Enrollment Was Surging. Then COVID-19 Happened.

A new study shows 5.4% of Latino undergraduate college students dropped out because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Joe Biden with students
Latinos and Black Americans Would Benefit from Biden’s Student Debt Relief Plan

The Democrat says he will fund his ambitious proposal by rolling back President Donald Trump’s $2 trillion in tax cuts.