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Image courtesy of Aaron Ford Campaign
‘Soy el abogado del pueblo’: entrevista con el fiscal general de Nevada, Aaron Ford, parte 2

En la segunda parte de nuestra serie de entrevistas con el fiscal general de Nevada (AG, por sus siglas en inglés), Aaron Ford, aprendemos sobre lo que hace como fiscal general estatal, sus esfuerzos para abordar la seguridad pública y su trabajo con la comunidad latina de Nevada.

Image courtesy of Aaron Ford Campaign
‘I Am the People’s Lawyer’: Interview With Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, Part 2

In part two of our interview series with Nevada Attorney General (AG) Aaron Ford, we learn about what he does as state AG, his efforts to address public safety, and his work with Nevada’s Latino community.

Libros con sabor a Borinquen

Whether it's a juicy novel or a fascinating biography, these exciting new books by Puerto Rican authors will help you connect with your roots during this Mes de la Hispanidad. Así que ponlos en tu reading list ¡ya!

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Latinos Contributed $92 Billion to Arizona’s Economy

Latinos are thriving in Arizona: A new report shows Latinos are contributing billions to the state's economy, especially in Gilbert and Peoria.

Zuli Garcia Helped Over 600 Latinos in Iowa Get the COVID Vaccine

The Salvadoran American first launched Knock and Drop Iowa, which delivers food to Latino families. Now she's making sure they are getting the COVID-19 vaccine too.

Latinos Were Undercounted in the Census. Here’s Why It Matters.

Undercounted states can lose out not only on political representation and Electoral College votes, but, very importantly, on federal funding that uses census data as a base. This can have a profound impact on individuals and families.

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César Chávez Has a Prominent Place in Joe Biden’s Oval Office

“As the daughter of a farm-working father...thank you, Mr. President," Tucson Mayor Regina Romero said.