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Joe Biden with supporters
How Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan Will Help Latinos and Other People of Color

The fourth and final part of Biden’s economic recovery proposal aims to “deal with systemic racism and advance racial equity in our economy.”

Trump and Biden Are Waging an All-Out Ad War en Español

Trump and Biden's ad war is on. They are making an ambitious bid for Latino voters by speaking en su idioma. But how effective are they?

WATCH: An Incomplete Guide to the Word ‘Gringo,’ Part 1

One word, so many emotions. This video explores a word that encompasses many emotions at once, for Latinos, and all the meanings the word ‘gringo’ has.

North Carolina Sees Latino Voter Increase by 25%

The surge in Latino voters in North Carolina could make a big impact in this swing state come the November election.

Local plans to reopen schools in thoughtful ways are being challenged by the Trump administration which favors a prompt return to in-person schooling, ignoring the health risks of COVID-19.
Trump Administration Pushes for Riskiest Approach to Reopening Schools

Latino families are in the crossfire between the push to reopen schools and being disproportionately ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Radio Host Who Told Latinos to Speak English Dropped From Broadcast Station

The pro-Trump radio host, with thousands of followers on social media, was let go from her radio program after yelling at Latinos for speaking Spanish.

Selena’s Family Threatens to Sue a Trump Supporter for Hosting an Event at Her Memorial Site

Selena Quintanilla died 25 years ago, but one Latino fan is using her image to make a political statement. Her family is fighting back.