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5 Latino-Themed Halloween Movies for a Safe Holiday at Home

Start popping the popcorn, because here are some frightfully good horror movies (con acento hispano) to scare you silly on Oct. 31.

Celebrating Virtual Thanksgiving Can Be Great!

Even if the whole extended family can’t gather around a festive holiday table, there’s a way for all to come together with an online celebration.

Latinos Are Really Excited to Vote, New Poll Shows. Their Top Issue Is COVID-19.

The report offers a clear insight into the Latino electorate’s views on the 2020 presidential election, with the pandemic and lowering the cost of health care among respondents’ chief concerns.

Trump-Rally-Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Police Investigate Security Carrying Long Rifles During Trump Rally

A photo of a local senator flanked by men with rifles at a Trump rally in Puerto Rico has raised concern and prompted a police investigation.

LIVE BLOG: The Latest 2020 Election News From Latino Lawmakers and Advocates

To much anger and frustration from Latino congress members, Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in last night as the newest justice on the US Supreme Court.

It’s Not Too Late to Submit Your Census Form. Here’s How to Do It Now.

The Supreme Court ruled the 2020 census deadline is now Oct. 15 instead of Oct. 31. Here's how to submit the census form before the deadline.

Latino Rancheros Ride to Support Joe Biden in Nevada

Hundreds of Latino cowboys took a ride through east side Las Vegas to back Joe Biden and Nevada Assemblyman Edgar Flores.