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Darian Benitez Sanchez
Why This DACA Recipient Was Forced to Choose Harvard Over One of Arizona’s Universities

In 2006, Arizona voters passed Proposition 300, which denied undocumented students, including DACA recipients, in-state tuition rates. This law means students like him pay 50% more for tuition at Arizona public universities than other in-state residents.

This Is Why Puerto Rico Is Becoming an Important Aerospace Center

Several aerospace companies have already established themselves on the island, and some are interested in building a spaceport.

four women standing at polling booths
Latina Women in Arizona Expected to Lead Large Voter Turnout in This Election

Latinas in Arizona are expected to lead this large voter turnout based on their historical voting patterns.

‘This Is the Time to Unite!’: Eva Longoria Bastón Wants You to Join Momento Latino

With COVID-19 severely impacting Latino communities in the U.S., the actor and philanthropist says now is the time to create systematic change in health, education, immigration reform and the economy.

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What to Read Now That You’re Stuck Inside For Longer

Ready to switch genres and explore the boundaries of your library? Whether you crave adventure or romance, these will help you de-stress during quarantine.