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Fashion Company Lured Latinas to Work From Home, but It Was All a Scam

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Moda Latina BZ alleging they targeted Latinas and scammed them out of millions.

Latinas Win Settlement Against Trump Administration After Being Detained for Speaking Spanish

Two Latinas in Montana sued the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for illegal detention after an agent heard them speak Spanish.

Voter Advocates Sue Trump for Lying About Mail-In Voting

The lawsuit states that Trump's executive order is impeding on voters' rights to receive correct information about voting.

Puerto Rico’s Surplus Could Plunge by 65%

La Junta's revised fiscal plan continues to restructure a portion of its more than $70 billion public debt load.

Prison inmate
41% of Inmates in Miami Jail Test Positive for COVID-19

Of the 1,166 inmates tested so far, 481 –or 41 percent– have tested positive for the illness in one of South Florida’s hot zones for the virus.

Elderly on wheelchair
1 in 5 COVID-19 Cases Found in State’s Elder Care Facilities

After pressure from advocates and family members, the state releases the list of facilities afflicted by COVID-19, but a crucial piece of information is still missing.