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This Is Víctor Vázquez: the Puerto Rican Who Aims to Improve Miami Springs

The Miami Dade College professor obtained 70% of the votes in a recent nonpartisan election, winning the Miami Springs City Council, Group 4 seat.

Miami-Dade County Residents Have Until Dec. 15 to Apply for CARES Relief Funds

The most populous county in Florida still hasn’t doled out an undisclosed amount of its $474 million in CARES Act relief money to the businesses and residents that need it.

Democrats Outnumber Republicans Among Early Voters in Red Florida Counties

This early mail-voting advantage should not lull Florida Democrats into complacency, warns a data analyst.

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41% of Inmates in Miami Jail Test Positive for COVID-19

Of the 1,166 inmates tested so far, 481 –or 41 percent– have tested positive for the illness in one of South Florida’s hot zones for the virus.

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States With GOP Govs May See Big Death Spike

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting harder in counties where President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election.

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Florida Has the Most Weekly Unemployment Claims

Among the hardest hit are hospitality and tourism workers, especially those living in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, still the hot zone for the coronavirus.

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One Million N95 Masks Were “Hijacked” From Miami-Dade County, Says Director of Emergency Management

In the state’s epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, first responders face a dangerous shortage of personal protective equipment.