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Wanna Go to a Concert? You May Have to Show a Negative COVID-19 Test Before Rocking Out.

It's unclear when people will be able to gather without fear of contagion, but Ticketmaster proposes some ideas.

Image courtesy of Kristian Bob.
Kristian Bob Looks to Perreo as a Way to Examine Social Issues

The Puerto Rican artist is a a fan of socially-conscious music, and thinks urban music is the “ideal vehicle” for delivering a message.

Sensing an Awakening, iLe Gets Political and Asks People to Use Their Power

A reflective mood during the pandemic has influenced the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter’s music. She senses an awakening and hopes people will vote with conscience next week.

WATCH: Marc Anthony Narrates New Bilingual Ad to Support Biden and Honor Puerto Rico

"It's forbidden to forget that in moments of true darkness, when the cries for help fell on deaf ears," Marc Anthony narrates. "We were the ones that stood tall to rebuild."

Hannity Looked Like Such a Fool When Talking About ‘Despacito’

The right-wing commentator tried to poke fun at Joe Biden and "Despacito" but ended up looking like a joke himself.

These Artists Have Publicly Refused to Let Trump Use Their Music

From the Rolling Stones to R.E.M. and Adele, the list of musicians fighting the president reads like an encyclopedia of rock and pop.

WATCH: The Politicization of Reggaetón

Can reggaetón, currently one of the most popular music genres in the world, be political? This video explores the notion of music as a political statement.