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‘Bottom of the Pay Scale’: Latinas Share Their Stories on Latina Equal Pay Day

"I say this every year," comedian Cristela Alonzo said. "I want us to get paid like a man."

Florida Doctors Take a Blowtorch to Trump and DeSantis’ “Heartbreaking and Irresponsible” COVID-19 Response

As cases surge in the state, these physicians blast the Republican governor's refusal to return to lockdowns.

The Pandemic Left Nearly 20,000 Spanish-Speaking Domestic Workers With No Job and No Resources

Some domestic workers report that their employer didn’t offer an explanation of their termination or any compensation.

From Big Gatherings to a Select Few, How One Latina Is Changing Her Thanksgiving Plans

"I am immensely grateful that my family is healthy and gets to see tomorrow. I have a lot of friends who can't say the same," Maritza Huerta said.

The Unemployment Rate May Be Recovering, but Not for Latinas

Unemployed Latinas in Florida are spending their time canvassing to make sure people vote.

Central Florida Reports Increase in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

CDC says that higher hospitalization rates will continue for the next four weeks.

Pope Francis: Capitalism Made the COVID-19 Pandemic Worse

"We need to elect leaders who prioritize the needs of our people and not just the stock market," Sister Simone Campbell said.