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Trump Dismisses the 158,000 Coronavirus Deaths in the U.S.: ‘It Is What It Is’

The novel coronavirus disease has claimed the lives of nearly 156,000 Americans, and the president of the United States believes “it is what it is.”

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231 Children Test Positive for COVID-19 at a Georgia Overnight Camp

A growing body of evidence indicates that schools are likely to be major sources of outbreaks and that children are not as invulnerable to COVID-19 as once thought.

Trump Needs to Win Florida. He’s Currently Behind Biden

The Republican incumbent is behind Biden nationally and has not led a poll since March in right-leaning Florida.

Florida GOP Rep. Yoho Calls Rep. Ocasio-Cortez a ‘F***ing B***h’ on Steps of Capitol Hill

The New York City congresswoman confirmed she was harassed in public by two male Republican reps.

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Trump Is Openly Attacking Fauci and the CDC Because They Are Worried About Worsening Outbreaks

According to one administration official, the president is “reopen and move on” from the pandemic.

In this May 20, 2020 file photo, residents held thank you signs to greet employees of a Smithfield pork processing plant as they returned to their shifts after the plant had been closed because of a coronavirus outbreak in Sioux Falls, S.D. (AP Photo/Stephen Groves File)
Workers of Color Make Up 87% of Coronavirus Infections in Meat Plants

A new CDC report studying the impact of the coronavirus on workers at meat processing plants has found that most infections were among people of color.

This Map Shows You Where COVID Is Spreading Right Now

Traveling? This new risk-assessment tool from Harvard provides an easy and quick overview of the COVID-19 pandemic across the country.