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How the Trans Community Fights for Equal Rights After Florida’s Bill

After the GOP-controlled Florida House voted to ban transgender women from playing girls’ or women’s school sports, activists in the state and across the country rev up their efforts to pass the Equality Act.

What Makes a Worker “Essential” or “Expendable” Is Not Their Jobs
What Makes a Worker “Essential” or “Expendable” Is Not Their Jobs

Black and Latinos disproportionately represent the front lines of workers who are at high risk, 'essential' applies to their jobs, but rarely to themselves.

AP Exams Students Latino
Digital Divide Puts Latino AP Students at Major Disadvantage

The Advanced Placement exams shift to online only impact more negatively students of color, low income and those who need accommodations.

Black men with inhaler
Coronavirus Is Hitting Black and Brown Communities the Hardest

Although anyone can contract COVID-19, the virus devastates the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized and communities of color in larger numbers.