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Photo distributed by McClain family
Colorado Is Reopening Investigation Into Horrifying Police Killing of Elijah McClain. Here’s What We Know.

In the video, Elijah McClain can be seen sobbing as he repeatedly tells officers, “I’m just different.” Samara McClain said her brother was a massage therapist who planned to go to college.

Why Getting Cops Out of Schools Is Good News for Black and Hispanic Students

36% of elementary schools and 65% of high schools in the U.S. have police officers on site, but the tide may be changing.

People Are Now Allowed to Vote on Defunding Police in the Georgia County Where Ahmaud Arbery Was Murdered

Residents of the county where Ahmaud Arbery was murdered could decide to defund the police, according to a new bill passed by Georgia's General Assembly.

Atlanta Restaurants Raise Scholarship Money for Rayshard Brooks’ Children

The unarmed Black male shot to death on June 12 by the police left behind his wife and four children. These Georgia business owners are stepping up to help them.

What Happened After Police Murdered Rayshard Brooks

Another unarmed Black man is killed by the police — this time in Atlanta — leading to the resignation of the city's police chief, and massive protests over the weekend.

Protesters in Miami
Protesters: Defund Police. Politicians: Eh, Not Yet.

Activists in Florida are urging their local governments to put the money towards community-based programs for the disadvantaged.

Police manhandling a protester
Police Union Offered to Hire Cops Fired Over Misconduct

Amid protests of excessive force, a police union chapter president invited cops accused of misconduct in other states to apply for positions in his county.